Raising Children Isn't Easy

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As soon as you figure out sleeping through the night, along comes fights over food, then sibling rivalry, and discipline, and on, and on, and on. When you're dealing with your children, it seems as though there's always one conflict after another. And even when you get through them, you wonder if there wasn't a better, easier way. The truth is that conflict between child and parent is a normal, natural part of growing up; dealing with conflict is a learned response. Conflict is the method by which children learn the important behaviors of life. The trick is to let conflict do its job of teaching without letting it, or even encouraging it to rage out of control. So, how do you learn to deal with conflict between child and parent? Who's the Boss? Parenting Education Center offers programs that will help you better handle the conflicts of childhood. The parenting philosophies are based on the themes from the international hit books Who's the Boss? Moving Families From Conflict to Collaboration, and Baby & Toddler Sleep Solutions for Dummies, by Susan Glaser, MA, and Arthur Lavin, MD. Who's the Boss? techniques have been successfully used by more than 10,000 families so you can be sure that when you take them home and put them in practice, you will see real progress and success nearly 100% of the time.
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